LAWN RANGERS’ integrated programs are structured according to local climate and conditions and comply with Nova Scotia and Canadian regulations and constraints.

What are the benefits of integrated lawn care?

LAWN RANGERS uses integrated material that is both environmentally friendly and nourishes your grass, crowding out weeds in a natural way. You will see the benefits of:

  • Essential Nutrients for Grass and Plants
  • Increased Retention of Moisture and Nutrients
  • Naturally Occurring Good Microorganisms
  • Cost Effective Application

Why should I want microorganisms in my lawn?

Naturally occurring microorganisms are part of our environment for a reason. They break down thatch and recycle it into your lawn as natural nutrients. Lawn Rangers encourages the useful, favorable microorganisms of:

  • Beneficial Bacteria
  • Protozoa
  • Nematodes for Insect Control

How does my lawn benefit from annual aeration?

Aeration consists of penetrating your lawn’s soil and bringing up cores, leaving small holes. In essence, you are letting your lawn breathe and soak up moisture. The cores decompose in about 2 weeks and act as fertilizer. The benefits of aeration include:

  • More Nutrients, Air and Water for Your Grass
  • Deeper and Better Roots
  • Helps Control Thatch
  • Breaks Up Compacted Soil
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